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Barb Barasa

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Traditional training ... modern tools

My name is Barb Barasa. I have been a piano technician since 1982, and live in the Rogue Valley of southern Oregon since moving here from Chicago in 1996.

I was trained in the traditional way to "tune aurally". As a Registered Piano Technician in the Piano Technicians Guild, I keep up on new tools and techniques. I now use high-end electronic tuning software (Verituner™) which does not make my tunings any "better" but helps me tune a little faster, especially pianos which start out extremely out of tune. More info about my background is available here.

Your piano's potential ...

I would like every piano to sound as good as it possibly can. I will work within your budget to help your piano "be all that it can be", whether it is the old upright you inherited from grandma or a concert grand you picked out yourself.

Most piano owners think that having their piano tuned when they think it needs it is the only service that a piano needs to sound good. Tuning is, of course, the most obvious part of piano maintenance, and I have a lot of information about piano tuning on my Tuning page.

The next thing that gets piano owners' attention is if something on the piano doesn't work, because then the piano can't really be played. To learn about the most common repairs, see my Repairs page.

However, pianos are actually machines, and require regular mechanical maintenance just like a car. Piano maintenance falls into two general categories: regulation and reconditioning. Follow the links to become a knowledgable piano owner!

I like to educate piano owners about how their pianos work. I keep adding to the information on this site, so I hope you will check back regularly to see what's new.

Contact me if you have questions or want to schedule some piano work: or (541) 552-9349.